Sarawak ITP Certification

Public Summary

Public summary of the forest plantation management plans for the industrial tree plantations in Sarawak, East Malaysia, held under licence by the Samling group

A summary of the company's objectives and its forest plantation management plans may be viewed by clicking

The key components of the Public Summary are as follows:

Forest management objectives

  • To implement sustainable industrial tree plantation management practices according to the Malaysian Criteria & Indicators (Forest Plantation.v2) of the Malaysian Timber Certification Scheme (MTCS)
  • To establish and manage an industrial tree plantation for the production of peeler and saw logs
  • To reduce the environmental impact of harvesting primarily by using skyline systems
  • To implement research and development activities: to improve & monitor growth performance and stand quality, to improve, by selective tree breeding, resistance to the effects of pests and disease, to monitor the incidence of pests and disease, to monitor and reduce environmental impacts and to enhance operational efficiency

Economic objectives

  • To maximise economic returns through cost efficient forest operations
  • To add economic value through the supply of plantation logs to downstream processing: plywood, sawn timber, semi-finished products and fibreboard

Conservation and protection objectives

  • To protect the forest plantation from pests, diseases and illegal encroachment
  • To establish and protect a network of river buffer zones
  • To maintain and where possible enhance plant and wildlife habitats

Socio-economic objectives

  • To provide employment opportunities for local people
  • To establish a Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) as a consultative mechanism for conflict management and resolution of grievances and complaints