Industrial tree plantations (ITPs) are an essential alternative in ensuring continual wood flow to meet rising industry demand, and relieving the pressure on natural forests as the primary source of renewable tropical timber. Another point in favour of tree plantations is that they are usually established on degraded land that is rehabilitated for tree cultivation.

ITPs represent the way forward for the timber industry, a key economic activity and source of income for the state, private companies and local communities. Samling has invested heavily in fast-growing, high-yield species that are planted and managed for large-scale commercial log production in Sarawak.



Samling is proud to have the first ITP with fully sustainable production in Malaysia to successfully obtain forest management certification under the Malaysian Timber Certification Scheme (MTCS), endorsed by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). The certified licenced planted forest (LPF) is located in Segan (Bintulu Division, Sarawak) and covers an area of 10,800 hectares.

We have eight active tree plantations in the state, and each plantation is supported by a nursery producing seedlings from our own improved genetic material. Having achieved certification of the Segan plantation, Samling is preparing its other forest plantations for SIRIM audits under MTCS. Our target is for each plantation to be certified before harvesting starts.


Over the past 18 years, Samling has developed its own in-house expertise to manage ITPs in Sarawak according to international best practices. There are now 31 750 hectares planted with well over 35 million trees - the majority of which comprises Acacia mangium, Acacia hybrid, Eucalyptus pellita, Gmelina arborea and Falcataria moluccana.

These species can be harvested between eight to 15 years after planting and our objective is to produce logs suitable for plywood and sawn timber. To meet growing needs from its downstream mills, Samling strives to increase supply from forest plantations while exploring opportunities to expand hectarage.

The versatile plantation timber

Plantation timber such as acacia is versatile and can be used in high-value end products. Acacia is ideal for furniture and building materials, both indoor and outdoor.

Samling has started the first harvesting cycle for its tree plantations in Sarawak which were planted in early 2000s. All plantation logs including BORNEOTEAKĀ® (Samling's registered trade name for its Acacia mangium trees) are fully used, with close to zero waste, in the manufacture of sawn timber, plywood, furniture and furniture components, flooring, wall panels, door and window frames.

Our fibre board plant produces high quality door skins using small diameter and reject logs from the plantation together with offcuts and processing residues from the mills.

Tropical plantation timber has tremendous potential, and Samling is committed to discovering and developing new applications for timber from its forest plantations.